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Oct 2015 - Jan 2016

The autumn term began with the arrival of 30 new Nursery children. Our theme for the first half term was ‘All About Me’. For the first two and a half weeks we set up activities for the children to take part in and observed carefully in order to establish a baseline using the Early Excellence Baseline Assessment which involved assessing each child’s involvement and well-being as well as their development in the Characteristics of Learning: Engagement, Motivation and Creative and Critical thinking, Personal Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Mathematics and Literacy. The first half term was focused upon establishing rules and routines in Nursery. We welcomed the arrival of our new Teaching assistant; Mrs Fairhurst. Before the half term holiday, the children enjoyed Book Week, which focussed upon ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson. They enjoyed dressing up as wizards and witches, making magic wands and magic spells. We were pleased to announce that by half term we had managed to toilet train 5 children only leaving two children to go!

Our learning centred on ‘winter’ in the second half of the autumn term.  Investigating ice, keeping warm, signs of winter and winter weather. With rules and routines established, we have introduced a daily ‘Funky Finger’ fun activity. The children take part in fine and gross motor activities for 10 minutes each day to develop their shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist and hand movements in order to establish better pencil control. Both the adults and children look forward to this session each day! We have also established a daily ‘Sound Time’ session to help to develop listening skills as well as a daily Maths session. With the introduction of the Ten Town maths programme, we can firmly say that all the children in Nursery are interested in numbers and they are motivated to recognise and write the numerals. We have had some very positive feedback from parents too. In order to develop mathematical language we have set up an ‘Estimation Station’ in Nursery for children to participate in a variety of measuring activities. On the 5th November, we held a RWI tea and toast session, which we will be repeating in the New Year and a successful ‘Play and Stay’ session for parents to come into Nursery to share some of our favourite activities.

As the term concludes we are looking forward to ‘The First Nativity’ performance in which Nursery children will be taking part with the Reception classes, and ‘Sing -A-Long with Santa’ where parents can join their child to sing some favourite Christmas Songs.

After Christmas our learning will focus upon ‘Houses and Homes’ in Spring 1 and then ‘ Growth’ in the second half of the Spring Term. 

Mrs K Greensill