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The Walking Bus

****** Sept 17 The walking bus is currently unavailable, please contact the school office for more information ********
Walking Bus


Would you like to walk your children to school,
but don’t have the time?
With daily news reports about children’s fitness and the damage to the environment by traffic, many of us know that in an ideal world our children should walk to school. However, with time at a premium and many parents or carers working, it may not seem practical – but that’s where our Walking Buses can help.
It’s a very simple idea. Parents or carers take it in turn to walk a group of children to school on a set route, leaving then free on the other days of the week to have an earlier start at work or to do some of those important jobs around the house.
We have two routes that run to school every day.
Castle Way-Newport Road-West Way-Shakespeare Road-Tennyson Road-School
Barnes Road-Somerset Road-Sundown Drive-Lilleshall Road-Melrose Avenue-Milton Grove-School
Frequently asked questions
Isn’t it rather a long way for a young child to walk and won’t they be tired when they arrive at school?
-Both routes are just under a mile long, although not all children start from the beginning as they can be picked up on the way. Many of the children started when they were in reception and very quickly got used to the walk. Research by Staffordshire University has also shown that children, who walk as opposed to being driven to school, arrive more alert and ready to learn.
What if it rains?
-The chance of rain on our short journey is actually fairly slim and even when it does the children look forward to using their bright umbrellas kindly donated to us by local businesses.
How do I know that my child will be safe?
-The routes have been risk assessed by the County Council which also provides training for all volunteers, together with high visibility jackets for adults and children. All volunteers have to have a CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) check and there are always at least two adults with the group.
Do the children actually enjoy walking to school?
-Yes, there is real enthusiasm from youngsters. They really enjoy talking to their friends on the way to school. It also gives parents the chance to chat about the day ahead and get to know other parents. We also regularly give out certificates and little prizes to recognise the distance each child has walked.
Does this initiative really make any difference to the environment?
-Yes, you’d be surprised! The initiative was recognised at Stafford Borough’s Green Awards in 2008. Since we started in June 2007 the children have
·        Walked over 8,000 miles, saving over 10,000 miles of driving to and from school.
·        That’s £1725 worth of petrol which has saved over 2.5 tonnes of CO2
·        As an aside we’ve also burned 750,000 calories!
How do I get involved?
Please contact the office on 01785 334955 or for more information.