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Welcome to Castlechurch Primary School.


Dear Parents

At Castlechurch Primary School every child matters. We have an atmosphere of natural affection, mutual respect and an ordered way of life.

High esteem is encouraged, high expectations, standards and values are fostered and progress and achievement are positively monitored and celebrated.


Our curriculum, whilst complying with National Curriculum, provides exciting and challenging learning opportunities steeped in real life experiences. We seek to provide every opportunity for children to apply Literacy, Numeracy and Information technology skills across their learning in addition to co-operative group work and presentation skills. We want all children to achieve the highest possible standards and make maximum progress in relation to their prior learning. We want children to enjoy acquiring and using knowledge and skills, to question and explore, to acquire positive attitudes, behaviour and personal beliefs and gain independence to become lifelong learners.


The development of respect for religious and moral values and cultural diversity is promoted as is the ability to reflect upon the world, expressing thoughts and feelings. We want all children to acquire a sense of self worth, belonging and pride.


High standards can best be achieved within a sound partnership between pupils, parents, staff, governors and community. We need your support and look forward to providing the very best education for your child. Please see our prospectus for further details.



Mr. J. Jones

Picture 1 Mr J. Jones Headteacher