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Year 1

Oct 2015 - Jan 2016

We started the half term by searching for signs of autumn and visiting Stafford Castle to collect autumn leaves for a collage. We have also been studying space and the first moon landing. We have designed space station and orbiters. We have made observations of winter and looked at colder climates including Iceland and the spectacular Aurora Borealis from which we created pastel pictures to display in the main corridor using the photographs taken by Michael Nolan. In RE we have looked at a range of celebrations including Diwali and the children took part in a Bollywood dance workshop.  The children have worked extremely hard to produce our sensational Christmas production called ‘The Stars are coming out for Christmas’ to present to parents. They have thoroughly enjoyed performing.

During the up and coming spring term we are planning to study new starts and healthy lifestyles, compare our locality to that of different countries around the world including Italy, India and China.  

Mrs A Bailey & Mrs L Forde