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Year 1

Jan 2016 - Mar 2016

Year 1 began the New Year by looking at what it means to be healthy. We took part in morning wake up -shake up sessions to keep our bodies and brain active and alert for the days learning.

 We talked about healthy eating and foods that were healthy and un- healthy for us and why. We sorted foods into groups; dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables and bread and cereals and talked about a balanced diet. In DT we designed and made our own fruit kebabs and pizzas using a variety of fruit and vegetables – they were delicious! Each week we have been taking part in art sessions and have produced some fantastic work including observational drawings using pen, pencil and pastel. We have been looking at the life cycles of Chicks and frogs. We took the children to visit Mrs Clarke’s pond where we discovered frogs and frog spawn.  In maths we used addition and subtraction calculations to solve problems about money. We identified 3D shapes and matched these to their shape names. Using 2’s, 5’s and 10’s we found missing numbers, found totals of objects and used these skills to count arrays. Our maths investigation posed the question ‘Is the biggest object always the heaviest?’ The children had to predict which objects would be the heaviest/lightest then put them in order. In literacy we read the story of ‘Handa’s Surprise and asked the children to retell the story using a range of adjectives. All other literacy skills have been developed through Read, Write Inc. 

Mrs A Bailey & Mrs L Forde