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Year 2

Jan 2016 - Mar 2016

Spring term began with a visit to the fire station. We had a great time learning about the job fire fighters do, and the tools they use to fight a fire. This visit stimulated most of our writing, Art and DT throughout Spring 1. During Spring 2 we stepped back in time with the Great Fire of London experience. This involved discovering how the
fire began and its impact on London through dance, drama, dressing up and a visit to the Plague Doctor. The children learnt so much about this historical event and it was lovely to see them so engaged and
enthused. In Science the children have learned about caring for living things by hatching some chicks from eggs in an incubator. We were lucky enough to see a couple actually hatch during the school day
which was an amazing experience for both children and adults.  In Maths we have been using lots of mental strategies to work out calculations in readiness for SATS, and have completed Pira and Puma assessments to finish the term. We will continue to focus on SATS preparation in the new term, as well as visiting the Gurdwara as a short R.E topic.

Miss S Jenkins & Mrs V Smith