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Year 3

Sep 2015 - Oct 2015

In Literacy and Language, Unit 1, the children have been learning about the thought provoking story, The Sand Wizards by Jon Blake. It explores the thoughts and feelings in a story with a familiar setting. In the non-fiction element of Unit 1, linked to the seaside theme, the children considered what makes an information text. They looked at the features needed to make the information be easily accessed by the reader using alphabetical order. They looked at features such as heading, subheading, captions, fact and opinion etc.

In Unit 2 in Autumn 2, the children will study a playscript – A Tune of Lies by Lou Kuenzler. They will explore key themes and become more familiar with the conversations of the script. In the non-fiction element of Unit 2, the children will focus on their ability to follow and write instructions for making a musical instrument. They will look at what makes a good instruction, how they are organised and to evaluate against a set criteria.

In spelling we continued looking at suffixes and prefixes. We will be looking at homophones and homographs. We are having a big push on handwriting – formation and orientation, size and positioning. We aim to get everyone on pen by end of the Spring Term.

In Maths this term we have/will explore number an place value of 2 and 3 digit numbers, the 4 areas of calculation (+,-,÷,x) looking at trios for multiplication and division, properties of shape in geometry, fractions and measuring mass and time. We have continued with Problem Solving Friday and it is still enjoyed by the children.

In Science we have studied types of rocks and how they are formed. Now the basis has been covered we will be including lots of practical activities including, an investigation using the rocks, making igneous rocks using white and milk chocolate drops and sedimentary ‘sandwiches’ using store cupboard items to represent the different layers. In Geography we have been locating the countries of the United Kingdom and the major cities. We have located Staffordshire and the smaller regions within it. We will learn about the world’s countries, focussing on Europe & Americas focus on key physical & human features.

In History we are and will continue the large topic of the Stone Age to Iron Age through to the Iron Age, with a focus on chronology. In RE we have and will continue to study Christianity, comparing and contrasting with Judaism – our selected second faith.  In Art we are learning about a Spanish artist by the name of Joan Miro looking at colour and shape to create drawings. This will form the basis of our Christmas card and Calendar. In Music we have made a very good start to learning the Violin. We have looked at the bow, the strings and how to bow from left to right.  We can play some basic tunes using all four notes of the strings.

In Computing we have been learning about touch typing, accessing our Purple Mash areas and the importance of e-safety.

Mrs A Penn & Miss M White