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Year 3

Oct 2015 - Jan 2016

In Literacy and Language, Unit 1, the children enjoyed the thought provoking story, The Sand Wizards by Jon Blake - looking at thoughts and feelings. In the non-fiction element of Unit 1, children learned about the features of information texts. In Unit 2 children have really embraced the study of play scripts and enjoyed the debates it generated from the story – A Tune of Lies by Lou Kuenzler.  In the spring term we will be focussing on the non-fiction element of Unit 2, the children will focus on their ability to follow and write instructions for making a musical instrument. They will look at what makes a good instruction, how they are organised and to evaluate against a set criteria. In Unit 3 we will study a humorous story that introduces a science fiction element into a familiar setting.  The focus story will be A Tale of Two Robots by Roy Apps.

In English, our text based learning has been around the story The Marble Crusher by Michael Morpurgo. This was a huge success with the children being very enthused by all the writing opportunities it led to. In the spring term we will be focussing on two new texts - The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and Wanted - The Perfect Pet by Fiona Robertson. We have now have sets for spelling and are enjoying a more focussed spelling session with children of similar ability. In handwriting – we have covered all the formations and orientation, size and positioning. Many of the children have achieved their pen award and more are working towards it.  It is our aim to get everyone on pen by end of the Spring Term.

This term Year 3 have really enjoyed their maths. They have continued with ‘Problem Solving Friday’ and are becoming more independent in their solving of these problems. We will be starting spring term with a time focus moving on to addition and subtraction, measurement including money, properties of shape looking at nets of shapes. Other topics include fractions, which Year 3 love, measuring in length, multiplication, and division.

In Science, we have really enjoyed our rocks topic making a rock file to show our understanding. We have had great fun making sedimentary sandwiches and igneous choc rock. In the spring term we will be looking at Nutrition, Animals and Skeletons including humans.

In Geography, we have enjoyed using i-pads to look at our local area on Google maps. We have located our local area on maps and looked at the wider area. We are going to be learning about the 8 points of compass, symbols & keys. In History, we have really enjoyed our topic of the Stone Age to Iron Age through to the Iron Age, with a focus on chronology. We had a great day with Steve from One Day Creative Workshops, who put us through our paces for a performance to our parents. It was well attended and watched by the Year 2’s. We will be focussing now on the Bronze and Iron  Age up to half term.

In RE we have and will continue to study Christianity, comparing and contrasting with Judaism – our selected second faith.   In Art we enjoyed looking at the Spanish artist by the name of Joan Miro and this has been the inspiration for our Christmas cards and Calendars this year. In Spring term we will be learning about the great artist and illustrator Quentin Blake. In Music the children have picked up the violin basics very well. We’ve learned to hold the violin and bow correctly. We have learned to pluck and recognise the note of the strings. We are beginning to read simple music notation and perform. In the Spring term we will be learning how to depress the strings to widen our notational range. In Computing we are becoming very good at touch typing and practise regularly. We continue with our awareness of e-safety. We have been using Purple Mash making games using 2DIY 3D. In the Spring term we will be looking at emails.

Mrs A Penn & Miss M White