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Year 3

Jan 2016 - Mar 2016

In Literacy and Language, Unit 3, the children have explored the central themes and ideas in A Tale of Two Robots by Roy Apps of invention and science, by making links with other texts and their own experience.  They have explored how Roy Apps develops plot and devised questions for the main character to ask and answer in role. They went on to write a new episode for the story. In the non-fiction element of Unit 3, the children considered what makes a discussion balanced. We have discussed the Big Question every week and sent this home as homework for the children to further their discussion with their families. In Maths we have explored number and place value of 3 digit numbers, the 4 areas of calculation (+,-,÷,x), properties of shape, fractions and measuring in centimetres and millimetres.  The children have learned how to add and subtract using written formal addition (in columns). Problem Solving Friday has been a big success and enjoyed by all of the children. In History have studied the period of the Stone Age to Iron Age, focusing on chronology.  In Geography, we have learned to use the 8 points of a compass, keys and symbols of a map. In Science, we have studied nutrition, animals and skeletons including humans. 

Mrs A Penn and Miss M White