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Year 5

Sep 2015 - Oct 2015

Year 5 had an exciting start to the Autumn term with our multi-cultural visit to Derby. Here we visited a Muslim Mosque and a Hindu Temple. The children had opportunity to experience what it is like to worship in the special places and shared cultural experiences such as Henna hand painting and receiving a blessed gift. Back in school we had a writing focus on this visit and the children produced bright and imaginative work that went on display.

In Literacy and Language we ‘Opened Pandora’s box’ and went on a Greek adventure learning all about Greek Gods, temptation and curiosity. This writing liked to our Topic work on Ancient Greece where we made comparisons with modern day.

In Maths we have been challenged to learn out times tables fluently and have worked with formal methods of addition and subtraction. We have worked out fractions in calculations and practically in our cup-cake maths. More recently we have begun rotation and this develops into co-ordinates as a next step. Our science focus on Gravity allowed us to measure in Newton’s, record results and make predictions.

The half term ends with a Poetry book week and by visiting The Gatehouse Theatre in Stafford to listen to the poet Rachel Rooney. A variety of poetry studies will follow on from this.

Mrs A Penn & Miss M White