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Year 5

Jan 2016 - Mar 2016

In English this term, Year 5 have been looking at poetry.  We were inspired to write a range of poems including writing in the style of Andrew Fusek Peters where our classroom came alive at night! We then looked at modern alternative fairy tales. We wrote our own fairy tales with a twist. Sadly the characters didn’t get their   ‘happily ever after.’ The unexpected ending prompted a range of big questions. We discussed traditions and how we can deal with the real world when best laid plans don’t work out. In maths, we have compared numbers up to 1,000 000 and can determine the value of each digit, we then used them in calculations that involve formal methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with whole numbers and decimal and fractions. We can read scales, negative numbers and apply the skills to problem solving. Our cup-cake investigation maths has allowed us to work in groups to work out strategies for puzzles and countdown challenges have developed our arithmetic.

We have explored Australia and researched landmarks, art, native animals and traditions. Our environmental links on the Great Barrier Reef helped us to debate the circle of life and survival of the fittest. This will lead us into the summer term where we look at endangered animals and an educational visit to Chester Zoo will allow us to look at the animals we have followed in the ‘secret life of the zoo’ and help us in writing non-fiction texts. 

Mrs J Cranwell and Miss J Perry