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Very well organised, clear message from teachers to advise girls of progress.

Mrs S. Forrest, Mum of Emily, 5C

Lovely to have such an upbeat & positive meeting. We came away very pleased with progress and with good, achievable objectives.

Ms S. Furber, Mum of Isobel, 3P

Interesting to see the Government Guidelines on expected achievement. Fantastically positive Parent's Evening and overwhelmed by how well she is doing.

Ms S. Furber, Mum of Hariet, 5C

A very positive Parent's Evening for Adam. He has settled into his new class and is progressing well. Miss Perry's comments were very positive and we are very happy.

Mr & Mrs Rollason, Parents of Adam, 5P

Niamh is really enjoying Year 5. She is always excited by the new reading books and topics she is learning in school. Niamh is very happy at Castlechurch and has a great teacher.

Mrs C. Lewis, Mum of Niamh, 5C