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General Comments

The singing round the tree this morning was wonderful. It was also lovely that the children were reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

Well done to Mrs Johnson and Mr Brown, they are very talented musicians.


We are very fortunate to have watched the Music Celebration at the Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford, on Wednesday 4th March.

The entire performance was most enjoyable and in particular that of the pupils from castlechurch primary School, who most definitely excelled themselves.

They were very smartly dressed, sang beautifully and were a credit to the school.

We should like to take this opportunity to congratulate both staff and pupils for such an excellent performance.

I just wanted to say that the new school website looks great. It’s such an improvement and presents the school, the activities taking place and achievements in a more organised and refined way for current and prospective parents and the children.

We have just got back from seeing the school choir perform at the Gatehouse Theatre. We thoroughly enjoyed it, thought how smart all the children looked and every one of them singing their hearts out. What a great experience for them all.

We want to say special thanks to the staff involved and particularly those who gave up their Wednesday evening to look after the children and support the school: Mrs Gordon, Miss Spivey, Mrs Harris and Miss Perry.

As I don't Facebook or Twitter I just wanted to pass on a comment made to me last night after the performance at the Gatehouse. A couple in front asked if my children attended Castlechurch ( think the cheering and clapping gave the game away!!) I proudly answered yes, she replied saying they were by far the smartest school of the evening and I have to agree they were! They were amazing!! Well done to everybody involved.

Just wanted to say what a fantastic Leavers' Assembly it was this morning. When our other son had his Leavers' Assembly at his old school, which was Outstanding by Ofsted, it was not a patch on what you did today. Sometimes people don't always see the day-to-day running & are quick to make judgements, but the happiness that oozes out of the children when they come home from school says it all.

Thank you to all the staff for helping us & our children settle in to Stafford. Without your support, it would have been a different story. You helped make such an easy transition for them when starting a new life with no friends and family close by. 

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed this morning's Y3 violin concert. The concentrations, but also they enjoyment, on all the children's faces was wonderful to see.
After watching the school production of Peter Pan on Tuesday night, I wanted to contact you to say what an amazing performace it was! All the children were amazing, they all acted professionally & I think the school should be really proud of them.