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Late for School

Late Arrival at School

As a school, it is our aim to foster good habits in terms of both attendance and punctualitySchool operates what is known as a ‘Registration Period’ (8.45 am – 8.55 am).  Children who arrive in class after 8.55am when the register closes, but before 9.15 am will be marked as present, but will receive a late mark.  Any arrivals after 9.15 am, when the register has officially closed will be recorded as unauthorised absence.  This then counts as an unauthorised absence on your child’s attendance record, unless there are exceptional circumstances for the late arrival.


Penalty Notice for persistent Lateness to School

If a pupil has 10 unauthorised late marks, within a 12 week period, a penalty notice warning could be issued. Late marks do not have to be one after the other in order for a penalty notice to be issued. You are therefore encouraged, where possible, to ensure your child attends school on time, before 8.55 am. However if your child is late you must inform the school of the reasons as we may be able to offer advice or support.


Period of time used to measure Persistent Absence and Lateness
If your child has had 10 days unauthorised absence or is late 10 times over a 12 week period, you may receive a penalty warning notice and also potentially a fine.

Further details and a copy of the code of conduct for Staffordshire County Council penalty notices can be obtained from