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Changes to Homework

Homework is changing at Castlechurch...
We are revisiting how we use homework to support the children’s learning and are planning a new approach for this half term. We would like you to hear your child read at home ‘at least’ 3 times a week, more if you can. We would like you to read them a story, at least once a week (age appropriate). We would like you to help them reach the expectations for their year group in spellings and tables. Your child’s teacher will send home what the national expectations are for their age group. We would like you to support your child undertaking some ‘personal research’. This is a popular idea at the High Schools and involves the children finding out about a part of their topic work that we would not cover in school. For example Y5 are studying alternate locations comparing Liverpool with Stafford. The children could then choose to study one aspect of Stafford life, such as the shoe industry, the engineering background, the history of the castle, famous Staffordshire people etc. The children can produce their study in any format to suit their style of learning e.g. posters, reports, booklets, models or a combination of ideas. We would expect about an hour a week for KS2 children and 30 to 40 minutes for KS1. In Reception the staff are planning ideas around communication and their ‘talk about’ stickers. In the last week of term we will then give the children some time to share their work with their classmates.