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Poetry Assembly 06.11.15

Our Poems

Year 1


Windy Day

A wind blew up one morning

And joined us in our play,

Chasing us round the playground

Blowing our ball away.


It whistled at the window

And bustling quickly through

Found our teacher's pile of papers

And blew, and blew, and blew.


Then everybody scrambled

As we heard our teacher shout:

"Quick! Shut the doors and windows

And keep that wild wind out!"

Year 2


What I like!

I like spaghetti,                                                       I like custard,

I like cheese,                                                          I like toast,

I like pizza with mushy peas!                                 I like Yorkshire pudding and the Sunday roast,

Spaghetti and cheese and pizza and peas,           Custard and toast, Yorkshire pudding and roast,

That is what I like -                                                 That is what I like -                              

YEA!                                                                      YEA!


I like fried eggs,                                                      I like burgers,

I like greens,                                                           I like chips,

I like juicy tangerines!                                             I like ice cream and chocolate whips! 

Eggs and greens and tangerines,                          Burgers and chips and chocolate whips,

That is what I like -                                                 That is what I like - 

YEA!                                                                       YEA!


                                                I love Mum,

                                                And she loves me,

                                                I love all my family!

                                                Mum and me and my family,

                                                That is who I love - 


Year 3


Please Miss White                                                             Please Mrs Penn

This boy Derek Drew                                                         I started on my homework

Keeps trying to kiss me Miss                                              But my pen ran out of ink

What shall I do?                                                               And my computer's on the blink!


Hid in the toilet dear                                                         That is not good enough, my dear

Run away to home                                                            You see it has to be in

Stay with all your friends                                                   Every Monday morning

But don't be alone.                                                           Or you will get some discipline.


Sophie    3W                                                                                                                         Ellie-Mae    3P



Please Miss White                                                             Please Mrs Penn

This boy Robert Pink                                                         This boy Ben

Keeps stealing my pen Miss                                               Keeps hiding my pen 

What do you think?                                                          What shall I do then?


Grab it out of his hand son                                                Use another pen dear

Throw it against the wall                                                   Borrow one off a friend

Put it up your nose dear                                                    Tell another teacher

Or give Mr Jones a call!                                                     Because I'm going round the bend!


William    3W                                                                                                                        Sophie    3P



Please Miss White                                                             Please Mrs Penn

This boy Derek Drew                                                        This boy Derek Drew

Keeps being naughty Miss                                                      Keeps trumping near me

What shall I do?                                                                       What shall I do?


Move seats my dear                                                                Tell him to go to the toilet dear

Or move schools then                                                             Tell him to go for a number 2

Do whatever you want                                                             It's not polite to trump my little man

Or go and ask Mrs Penn                                                          But you do it too!


Olivia    3W                                                                                                                           Charlie    3P

Year 5


The Trench - Anna Collinson


Damp life in the trench.

Dead bodies surrounded,

I smell the stench.

Abandoned and silent.

No mans land.

Life and death go hand in hand,

bullets go speeding past my head.

I'm tired and cold.

I need my bed.

Hunger pains twist and turn.

Pain in my heart for my family burns.

My life in the trench is lonely and cold.

My wife, my children I long to hold.

When will this end.