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Reporting an Absence or Appointment

Reporting an Absence/Medical Appointment


If you wish to report your child absent, or inform us of an appointment, please telephone the school office before 9.30am on 01785 334955, let a member of staff know on the gate or come into the office and let us know directly.

If we have not heard from you we will make contact with you as each absence needs to be accounted for. Absences will only be authorised if your child is away for a good reason, i.e. illness, medical appointments, or any other unavoidable cause. Please try and make medical appointments outside of the school day.

If your child is off school unnecessarily or we are unaware of why the child is absent, this is classed as an unauthorised absence which will show on your child’s records.



If you are experiencing difficulties with your child attending school please contact the office on 01785 334955 or email: