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Transition to Reception

Welcome to Reception!

The teachers are looking forward to meeting you all in September.

     Come and say hello!


Miss Attwood               Mrs Greensill              Mrs Middleton

Teacher                        Teacher                       Teaching Assisstant

As teachers we enjoy getting to know all of the children and help them become fantastic members of Castlechurch Primary School! Reception is a creative, fun and warm environment where the children can explore and learn. Learning new skills is so important in Reception, however, we do a lot of our learning through continuous provision and child initiated activities. We support the children to develop new language skills, friendships, follow structures and routines and become independent learners.


Come on a virtual tour around our Early Years Reception Classes.

You will find out where to walk into school on your first day, see your classroom and find out where hang your coat!

Castlechurch Reception Video 2020/21

A virtual tour of your new classrooms and a chance to meet your teachers.