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Week 2 30.03.20

Friday 3rd April


I have been trying out a new website that can set you quizzes on your year 5 learning. 

I have set up a science quiz based on our learning on forces last term. 

If you would like to have a go, head over to:


It will take you to a screen like this:

Type in the code: mm5 

Then enter your first name and start the quiz. 

The quiz will only be available for today and I will be able to see who has had a go and how you have got on.

The questions get harder the further along you go, so if you feel they have become too hard, you can just stop wherever you get to.

Good luck!

Friday 3rd April 2020

Good morning our Fantastic 5s! Yesterday, both Mrs Ward and Mrs Whiston enjoyed seeing all the hard work you had put into your obstacle courses. We loved how you got so many members of your family involved too. Keep up the amazing work.


Friday is usually our spelling test day, so we would like you to find an adult (or older brother/sister) to test you today then send us your scores. 


Here are your new spellings for the coming week. 


Remember to challenge yourself. As well as learning to spell them, you could find the definitions of each word or create sentences using them.

Friday 3rd April 2020

For your Friday challenge today we would like you to get creative and design an Easter themed game you can play with your family.

Decide whether your game is going to be physical or mental.

You might decide to design a board game or a card game.

Your game can be set indoors or outdoors. (Weather dependent.)



Remember to play the game with someone in your family.

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hi there our lovely Year 5s! We have a little bit of a different challenge for you today.

PE - Ancient Olympic Games

We would like you to think back to our work on the origin of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. When the Olympic games began, it was an opportunity for people to demonstrate their strength and fitness. 

Your challenge is to demonstrate your fitness or strength by creating and completing an obstacle course. Your obstacle course can take place indoors or outdoors. (You may be able to persuade other members of your family to take part too.)

Science/Maths Challenge

Think about what results you could record. For example,

  • Create a table to show the time it took each of your family members to complete the course.
  • Record the resting heart rate and finishing heart rate of each participant. What was the different between the two measurements?



We would love to see any photos or videos of you completing your challenge!

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Wednesday 1st April

Happy Wednesday year 5!Thank you for all of your emails and messages with your work, we are really impressed with what you have been doing!


Flashback Four:

(Tip: last week, lots of you found the perimeter instead of the area - to find the area, multiply the length by the width.)


Maths challenge:


ALPHABET HUNT – A little bit of fun to keep you busy today.

Can you name something for each category beginning with every letter of the alphabet?

Extension: You could think up your own categories and race against someone else in your house to see who could find the most.

Download one of the versions below or just copy it out onto your own paper.

Tuesday 31st March 2020

We know that we have a lot of 'arty' children in Year 5 so this is something you might want to have a go at. There are so many different art challenges to try. We would love to see photographs of your finished art work.


COMMENT DESSINER EN 3D T'es-tu déjà demandé comment donner vie à tes dessins ? Apprends à dessiner en 3D avec NOUS ! 1. Commence par dessiner un rectangle. T...

Tuesday 31st March 2020


For your challenge today, we would like you to use this picture to inspire a piece of writing. You could imagine you are there and write a diary extract showing your experiences, or you might want to write an adventure story.

Use your imagination.


Open one of the documents below and find your story opener and other activities you may wish to complete.

Monday 30th March 2020


Ancient Greeks loved the theatre.

Your task today is to write a play to perform with your family. (Don't forget to include stage directions.)

You could maybe take photographs of yourself acting it out at home.

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