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Week 2 30.03.2020

Today's learning challenge

Friday 3rd April 2020

It's Showtime!

We would like you to put on a show for your family

Your show must include:

A song

A dance to your favourite piece of music

A joke

You can also dress up!




Can you make some tickets for each person who is invited to the show?

Can you design a poster of the show?



Thank you for all of your hard work over the last 2 weeks.  You have all been very enthusiastic and creative whilst doing your learning challenges at home.  Well done!

From Miss Attwood, Mrs Greensill and Mrs Middleton.


Have a very Happy Easter and a well deserved break!




Here are a few ideas for you to try over the Easter Break!

Today's learning challenge 

Thursday 2nd April 2020

We would like you to build your own shelter or den!

You can build it indoors or outdoors.

You can use whatever materials you have around your home, try using blankets, pegs, boxes or small pieces of furniture (Remember to ask a grown up to help you!).

When you have made your den, add some more blankets and cushions inside to make it feel nice and cosy!

Now, can you collect some musical instruments from around your home.  If you do not have any you can make your own, using some pots, pans and wooden spoons.

Are you inside your den?

Are you sitting comfortably?

Can you retell the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'?

Use the instruments to make sound effects!

Can you make the sound of the beanstalk growing?

Can you make the sound of the giants footsteps?

Can you make the sound of the hen laying a golden egg?

Remember to retell your story to a grown up!

Today's learning challenge -

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Today, we would like you to make an Easter Card for someone in your family.

We have shared some ideas with you but before you begin let's start our Easter Extravaganza with a song!



Easter Bunny Dance & Freeze by Jack Hartmann

Sing and Dance along to the music!




You could make a hand print and change it into an Easter Bunny by adding some eyes, whiskers and a nose!


You could decorate some eggs and put them in an Easter basket!


Or you could make an Easter chick and use real feathers for the wings!






Remember you can make your Easter Card using whatever materials you have got at home!



paper, card, paint, felt tips, fabric, glitter or pencil crayons

Now have a try at learning this rhyme!

Today's learning challenge - Tuesday 31st March

Spring Walk


Look at the picture below. What can you see?

How many spring daffodils can you count?

How many different colours can you see?

Where do you think the little girl might be?

Who may she be hiding from ?

Do you think she is happy? Why?

Go on a 'Spring Treasure Hunt'  







Can you collect the following items?

5 leaves that look different

A stick that is longer than your hand

A rock with spots on it

A flower

A flat rock

10 blades of grass

Something that is brown

Something that is heavy

Now you have been on your Spring Walk. Can you paint or draw a picture of a daffodil?