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Week 2 30.3.20

Friday 3rd April

Float or sink?

Use objects from around your house. Do you think they will float or sink when you put them in water? Test each object. Were your predictions correct?


Paint or draw a chick

Paint or draw a chick and sing our rhyme of the week whilst you do it. Don't forget you write your name on it!

Float or sink?

Paint or draw a chick

Thursday 2nd April

Name Writing Practise

Practise writing you name every day. If you draw a picture or make an Easter card remember to always write your name on it. You could draw a picture for me and post it to school so I can see how well you are getting on with writing your name.


Indoor Scavenger Hunt

How many things can you find in your house from the list? Take a photo of all of the things you find before you help to put them all away again.


Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday 1st April

I hear game

Imitate the sounds of things and get someone to guess the sound.

Make a list of the sounds you can hear around your house.


Like or dislike

Talk about the sounds you like and the sounds you don't like and explain why.

Draw a picture of some of the sounds that you like.


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Phase 1 phonics

Tuesday 31st March

Easter Lego Challenge

Use lego or another construction toy to build something that links to Easter. You could use the picture below or think of something yourself.


Easter Maths

Can you answer the Easter Maths problem? Draw the eggs to help you work out the answer.

Easter Lego Challenge

Easter Maths

Monday 30th March

Rhyme of the week: 'Chick Chick Chicken'

Sing and dance to the rhyme each day. You may also like to sing the song 'Spring Chicken'. If we had been at school this week, we would've been doing Easter activities. So by Friday I would like you to design and/or decorate an egg in whatever way you choose.

Don't forget to stay in contact by sending your photos and videos by email to

Chick Chick Chicken

Design an Easter Egg

Spring Chicken

I'm a spring chicken - spring / Easter song for kids -- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos an...