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Week 7 18.05.20

Friday 22nd May

Today is craft day! Have fun making a sock puppet!

You could make your favourite woodland animal, a dinosaur, a puppet that looks like you,or any kind of puppet you like.


Use the link below to help you get started.

Thursday 21st May 2020


Today we are going to warm up our brains ready for some maths and join in with Mr Mc! Then have some fun exploring numbers within 100.

Everybody get up (The Counting Song)

Learn how to count in 1s to 20, 5s to 50 and 10s to 100! Legal note: Original song is 'Everybody get up' by Five.

Wednesday 20th May

We hope you enjoyed Percy the Park-keeper and the Lost Acorns. 

Today we would like you to choose your favourite woodland animal like the ones in the story, for example a badger, squirrel, fox or rabbit.

Find some facts about your animal to make a fact file or information page. Don't forget to include a picture. The links below will help you get started.

When you've finished you could make a woodland animal stick puppet too.

Tuesday 19th May 2020


Today we would like you to read the story of The Little Acorn, then see what you can remember and answer the questions! 

Discover where acorns come from in the video, then after all your hard work enjoy the story of Percy the Park Keeper and the Lost Acorns!



A year in the life of an oak tree

Percy the Park Keeper - The Lost Acorns (1999)

Percy plants some bulbs under the ground. Unfortunately... Squirrel has lost all her acorns and mistakes the planted bulbs for possible acorn storages. Mole ...

Monday 18th May

Today we'd like you to enjoy a few games with a simple dice or maybe two.

Follow the links below to find 2 fun dice games to play with a partner.

When you've played one of the games, could you make up your own?