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Week 3 20.04.20

Welcome Back! We hope you have enjoyed having time with your family and a break from home learning over the Easter holiday. 

For the next couple of weeks we will be focussing on the topic of 'Castles' and we look forward to seeing all of your learning. Remember that you can have your home learning pictures added to the galleries by sending permission to your class teacher. 


We have added two new extra learning links. The Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize. Both sites provide great daily lessons for Year 2 children. Click here to access the links. 

Friday 24.04.20 - Maths

Thursday 23.04.20 - English


Who is going to live in the castle that you designed? Will there be a knight? A princess? A dragon? What might happen there? Will there be an invasion? A battle? A mystery? A rescue?

Create a story plan to show events that will happen in your story.  

Extension – Add key words, phrases, adjectives and adverbs that you might use in your story.

A story planning sheet for you to use or you can create your own plan on plain paper.

Wednesday  22.04.20 - Creative 

Today's challenge is to design a junk model castle. Remember to to use the information from the research you did on Monday.  What will you need for the different parts? What could you use for the turrets? Will it have a drawbridge?

Extension - Create a list of the items that you need to collect ready to make your castle next week.

Tuesday 21.04.20 - Maths

Your task for today is to practise telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. 



Monday 20.04.20

We would like you to research about the different parts of a castle. Find out what they are called and what they were used for. Below you will find a video and a PowerPoint to get you started.

Ext - Record you research. You could create a fact file, a poster, information leaflet or a even a PowerPoint. 

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