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Week 3 - 20.4.20


BBC Bite size

I have added a new star!! Check  out the BBC Bite web site via the link

Dear Year 3/4,

Welcome back to our virtual school learning. We hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday at home with your family. We are missing you all and can't wait to see you again!

We hope you are all safe, happy and looking forward to completing new work.

We hope to hear from you soon. 

Best Wishes,

Mrs Cranwell and Mrs Penn 


3/4 CW

Mrs Glover has now officially left Castlechurch . I will be taking over 3/4 CW emails from today so please make sure you send them to this address:

As I will be responding to over 50 children it is very much appreciated if you email me by 1pm . This will allow me time to reply to you during the school day. I look forward to seeing fabulous homework and pictures of you during our home learning.

Take care

Mrs Cranwell 

Well done to all those who have taken part in the battles on TT Rockstars over the last couple of weeks.  I was very impressed with your efforts but there are still lots of you who are not going on TT Rockstars when I check the site.  If you have problems accessing it because you have forgotten your password then if you let me know by email (, I'll email you your details.

This is the score for the last battle, there is still time for you to make a difference up to 8pm Monday evening.  Then a new battle begins.


Well done 34J and 34P. Come on 34cw!

Good morning Y3/4

Here is your maths challenge for today.


Flashbacks favourites warm up

JEWELS                                                             Y3                                                              Y4









TT Rockstars or Hit the button - Practise your times tables because I'll put a test on next maths session!


Design technology


Morning all-don't forget to email Mrs Cranwell or Mrs Penn just so we know you are safe and well. We care about you all! 

English-Letter writing. Remember layout and presentation!


Happy Thursday everyone!

Flashback favourites!   








Choose a partner from your household for this timed event.                     



Extension - for each of the challenges work out the difference in time between you and your partner and add a column on to the end of the table to show these differences.



The week seems to have gone so fast. I think it is because the sun is shining. 



Thinking of others

Extra Friday challenge

If you fancy being creative at the weekend we have set a sunshine task too!