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Week 3 20.4.20

Hello children

Friday 24th April

Life cycle of a frog.

Download the powerpoint and talk about the life cycle of a frog together.

Cut out and stick the four pictures to complete the life cycle of a frog. 


Fun Friday workout

Have some fun and get fit to the Disney track 'A Whole New World' with Glyn Page. (A fitness instructor from Cannock)

PE From Home | Kids Dance Home Workout 2 Disney Workout

Thursday 23rd April

Go on a number hunt around your home and garden. How many numbers can you find? Practise writing each number you find.


Practise recognising numbers 0-10. You could watch my vimeo video too.


Practise counting 0-20. you could watch Mr Mc's 'Everybody get up' counting in the weblinks or on youtube.

Number hunt

Wednesday 22nd April

Play these fun games with your child.


I'm making lots of silly soup,

I'm making soup that's silly.

I'm going to cook it in the fridge,

to make it nice and chilly.

In goes a ... (items with the same beginning sound)


How many things can you find that begin with the same sound?


How many objects can you remember each time in Kim's Game?



Alliteration fun

Kim's Game- a memory game

Tuesday 21st April

Did you plant the sunflower seeds we gave you? Have they grown? Describe to an adult what they look like now. Can you use language of size? (small, big, little. smaller. larger, bigger, biggest etc) What do flowers need to grow? If they haven't grown describe another object using the language of size.


Draw a picture or make a model of two or more flowers.  When you have finished describe the flowers to an adult. How big are your flowers? What colours have you used? How many petals or leaves does your flowers have?


Don't forget to send me lots of photos of your flowers.




Monday 20th April

The rhyme of the week is 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'.  Practise singing the rhyme each day, you could also learn the sign language signs from Mr Tumble.


Make some sheep (at least 4) and draw four fields and use them to help solve 'Farmer Donald's New Field' number problem. You can also download the fields and four sheep from the document below.



Rhyme of the week