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Week 4 27.4.20

Hello from Mrs Aish

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Thank you children for all of the videos you have sent me to say hello.

I miss seeing you all too. Please keep sending all of your videos.

I love seeing, and hearing your messages.

They really do brighten up my day. smiley 

Friday 1st May


Keep on growing.- Draw pictures of who helps you at home and at school. Who helps you grow?


Sunflowers- Have your sunflower seeds grown? If so how tall are they now?


Fitness Friday- Get fit with Glyn Page's Kids Dance Workout 1.

Keep on growing

Kids Dance Workout 1 Family Fitness

Thursday 30th April


Play a game of Snakes and Ladders. Use a dice and count each move carefully. Remember if you land on a ladder to go up, but if you land on a snake you go down.


Subitising with Jack Hartmann. Use your brain and use your eyes to say the number shown before Jack does. You can make some subitizing cards of your own to practise with or use the cards in the document below.

Snakes and ladders game

Subitising cards

Subitize Up To 5 (soo-bi-tize) | Math Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Wednesday 29th April

Phase 2 Phonics- Watch Mr Thorne's phonic videos about the sound 's'.  How many objects can you find in your home that begin with 's'?


Insect talk about cards. Choose some or all of the insects to talk about. Use the questions as a starting point. What else do you know about your chosen insects? Draw, paint or make your chosen insects. Don't forget to email me a photo!

Geraldine the Giraffe - s

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Youtube sensation Geraldine the Giraffe.

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode S

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Youtube sensation Geraldine the Giraffe.

Insect talk about cards

Tuesday 28th April


Practise your cutting skills. Get an adult to draw lines on paper for you to cut out. You could cut out pictures from old magazines or newspapers or even draw your own shapes to cut out.


Create an account on the Oxford Owl website and then share a book together each day.


Practise your phonics by using the Phonics Play website. Play the Phase 1 games or the Phase 2 games for the sounds we have learnt. (s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d and g.) The children love to play 'Picnic on Pluto'. Help the children by sounding out the words and asking them if they are a real or nonsense words.

Monday 27th April

Rhyme of the week is the 'Counting Numbers Song'. Practise singing our rhyme every day.


Create a 'My life' timeline about your life.


Choose your favourite pop song. Get two tea towels or socks and get your 'Wiggle' on! Practise your up/down, arches and circle movements. (Watch our 'Squiggle whilst you wiggle' videos in the Vimeo star if you are unsure of what to do.)