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Week 5 04.05.2020

A message from Mrs Greensill

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Today's learning challenge - Thursday 7th May

Are you ready to get FIT?

Today we would like you to...


What equipment could you use...














Now it is time to design your obstacle course.  Use the pictures below to help you.



Can you draw a picture of your plan and design a medal for the winner!

Use this sheet to help you design your winners medal!

It's nearly competition time!

Before you start.  You need to get changed into your shorts and t-shirt!


Now, it's race time.

Can you each take it in turns to complete the obstacle course.

Time each person as they have a go.

Find out who was the fastest.

Reward them with their winning medal. 

You could even have a ceremony and give them a special prize!

Most of all have FUN!

Today's learning challenge - Wednesday 6th May

It's Rhyme Time!

Have a look at the rhyming sheet below to help get you started!

It's Rhyme Time

Can you listen to the story STOP TELLING FIBS!  Can you hear the rhyming words?

Stop Telling Fibs! | Primary School Story Time | Read Aloud for Teachers | Twinkl Originals

'Stop Telling Fibs!' is a Twinkl Original story available as an eBook.

Look at the poster to find the rhymes!

Can you remember the rhymes you have heard in the story?  Use the writing frame and pictures to have a go at writing them!

Today's learning challenge - Tuesday 5th May

Let's warm our bodies up! Are you ready to do some counting?

Let's Get Fit and Count to 100

Count to 100 and get some great exercise too.

You all created some great animals yesterday!  They are going to help you today to join in with some sharing activities!

Have you got your animal ready? 

You will also need some food for your animal.

You could use raisins, cheerios or small pieces of fruit.









Are you ready to be a zookeeper, today?

Can you share 6 pieces of food with your animal?  How many pieces of food do you have each?

Now have a go at these...

Today's learning challenge - Monday 4th May

We would like you to think about your favourite animal.

It could be a creature that swims in the sea or an animal that lives on land.  It could be an animal that lives in a cold place or a hot place.

Have you decided yet?

Join in with this song to help you!


Animals in Action | Movement Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

This song has jungle music, lots of animals and opportunities for you to move like the animals!

We would now like you to find out a few facts about your favourite animal.

What does it eat?

Where does it live?


What is your animals'wow'factor?

Now we would like you to make your animal with moving parts!

Can you make the tail, head, legs, or neck move  by using a different technique or material?

You could try using a split pin, string, a peg, folding paper or making a paper chain in a special way!

Use the pictures below to help you.

Use the writing frames to write your animal facts on!