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Week 5 History Theme 4.5.20

Friday 8th May

This is VE day and a bank holiday. There will be no work set for Friday. Please enjoy your family time. Be safe and reflect on the meaning of the day.

There will be a star of the week.

Remember Mrs Reynolds loves to hear from children and parents and welcomes emails.

Thursday 7th May

Have you looked at the special star for photographs? If you would like your photo on the web page send it to your teacher!

During the War people were awarded medals. Today's task is about designing a new medal. Who would you award it to during the CV pandemic and why?


Wednesday 6th May

English VE day comprehension. Remember full answers please.

Tuesday 5th May


Today I thought I would be Queen Cranwell for the day!

Watch the fantastic Horrible Histories clip below. Makes me want to dance and join in!

In the war time food availability was limited and food that was available was rationed (you could only have your fair share) At the end of the war people had parties. They made cakes and treats such as pancakes for the children.This was part of the celebration.

Here is a classic Wartime kids treat. Can you make some and send us a photograph of you enjoying them.

Extra task If you don’t have the ingredients to make them then we would like you to design a pancake picture. This can be your dream pancake-I would have chocolate, banana, strawberries and sprinkles. What toppings would you put on? Yummy!!!


Hello everybody.mp4

Still image for this video

This week celebrates VE day on Friday 8th May. This is the day that the second World war ended in 1945. People all across The United Kingdom celebrated and communities came together. Our learning this week is all about the History of VE (Victory in Europe) day.

Monday 4th May 2020

Please watch the Power Point. There is a link below, click and it will open.


1. Write down 5 facts you now know.

2. In the war days, to keep messages secret a code was created called Morse Code. Complete the Morse Code task.

VE day Powerpoint and Morse code task

Morse code can you crack codes 1, 2 and 3-then write some of your own. In the war lights would be flashed or buzzers buzzed short for a dot, longer for a dash.