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Week 6 11.05.20

Friday 15th May 2020


Friday is here once again which means its time for a new spelling list, so here it is!

Warm up with the Flashback Four:

Today, the maths challenge will test your patience and concentration!

The challenge is to work systematically to find all of the possibilities.

Here is the beginning of Mrs Ward's investigation...and I haven't found all the possibilities yet!...

MRS WARD WENT WRONG!!!! Some of you  have noticed that I have got my signs the wrong way around (well done if you spotted it)... 124 is NOT greater than 976!!! I'm sorry for my mistake and am really annoyed at myself!!


Learn French with Twinkl - Body Parts

Download the accompanying resource pack here - Join Delphine for another French language session helping you learn a new sk...

Thursday 14th May 2020

Life on Mars

Their mission to Mars had been a success so far. A month ago, their shuttle had landed on the surface of the red planet and the crew immediately set to work.

There were many challenges that the crew faced in building a housing complex on Mars, but they were ahead of schedule. They still had an awful lot to do,however, the shuttle carrying the first human inhabitants on Mars would be arriving in 97 days.

Design Task

Design and make either a building or vehicle that would be suitable for life on Mars.

You will need to consider the environment of Mars in your design. For example, will protection from the temperature or lack of oxygen need to be thought about? What about how you would counteract the effects of weightlessness?

Wednesday 13th May

Hello Year 5! If you haven't done so recently, be sure to check the messages from the Mrs Ward and Mrs Whiston stars to see what we've been up to.


Warm up with some arithmetic to start your school day:

You can choose to complete the bronze, silver or gold maths challenge from the documents below - they all have a task to read and round some numbers and a fractions task.


Tuesday 12th May 2020

Hermit Mansion

We all live in houses, but this is a house of a kind you will never have seen before. It is called Hermit Mansion and exists on a strangely shaped rock in space.


You can choose one of the two writing challenges to complete about Hermit Mansion today.


1. Write an exciting adventure story about the inhabitants of Hermit Mansion as a huge asteroid heads towards them at a deadly speed. Do the inhabitants of Hermit Mansion escape? Think of how to structure your story and link your events clearly together.


2. Write a persuasive leaflet advertising the sale of Hermit Mansion for an estate agent. Think of how you have learned to use words/phrases to persuade a reader.



Monday 11th May


Hello and happy Monday to you all! We hope you had a lovely long weekend and celebrated VE day in some way. It was great to see so many houses decorated everywhere!


To start off the tasks this week, we thought we would give you some choices of activities again. We were so impressed with what you produced last time we did this! Again, you can choose to complete 1, 2 or all of the tasks. And don't forget the BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy are continuing to do daily lessons for every year group (we have left the links in our Y5 area). 



TASK 1. Create a timeline poster to show the history of space travel.

You could use these cards to help you if you want:

TASK  2. Complete a character study/biography of Neil Armstrong or any other famous astronaut/ cosmonaut.


This writing frame could give you an idea of how to set out your work:

TASK 3. Design an alien (look to the natural world for features) and create an alien mask.



TASK 4. When I was at school, I learnt the names of the planets by remembering this mnemonic:

My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets

…this mnemonic no longer works so well because the P in Planets stands for Pluto and that is no longer known as a planet (it’s too small apparently!).

Create a new mnemonic that will help others in the class remember the names of the planets and their order from the sun.