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Week 6 11.05.20

Friday 15th May

 English today is about a special Bear. Watch the clip by clicking on the red link below.



If you haven't seen the film, then I want you to have a go at the answers by using your imagination.

Extra challenge-He fancies a different sandwich filing. Can you draw and label a new sandwich for him.


Good morning Y34.

Maths today - 14.05.20

Flashback Favourites!

Jewels                      Y3                            Y4





BSGP - Have a look through the power point, which will help you with today's maths tasks.

A massive well done to 34J this week for winning the battles.

Still time for everyone else to help win their class' battle which ends Monday at 8pm.

Wednesday 13th May


It is currently a special time on the Muslim calendar. In our school we have children who are celebrating Ramadan. At Castlechurch it is important that we understand a range of religions and today our work helps us to understand why Muslims celebrate Ramadan. Click on the link in red to open the video.



A candle or lantern is used for a symbol of hope to light the way from the darkness. Ramadan lanterns are decorative lanterns crafted specifically for the holy month.


Task:Make a Ramadan lantern-this template helps but maybe a grown up could show you.



Still image for this video
Check out Oliver Plant's knowledge of electrical circuits. Well done Oliver. I really enjoyed your video.

Check out Victoria's amazing electricity homework! I had to share this with you all. Mrs Cranwell x

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Message from Mrs Cranwell

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Tuesday 12th May

         watch the video


If you don't have the resources available to make a circuit then watch the video and you can draw and label a circuit.

Then-If you could only have 3 electrical items in your house during lock down what would they be and why? Would this be a different 3 if mum did it compared to your list?


Monday 11th May

Hello everybody. Hope you had a fantastic weekend.


Ready for some maths to get the brain working?


Flashback favourites!

Jewels                                       Y3








BSGP Open the word documents for today's challenges. There are two tasks.