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Week 6 11.05.2020

A Video From Mrs Greensill

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Today's learning challenge - Friday 15th May 2020

We have been learning all about Dinosaurs so we thought it would be good to warm up with some dinosaur actions!

CBeebies: Boogie Beebies - Do The Dino

Are you ready to Boogie? Do The Dino from Boogie Beebies!

CBeebies Bedtime Stories - If I Had a Dinosaur

Listen carefully to this story about a dinosaur!

How To Draw A Dinosaur With Shapes

Here's another fun art project to do. How to draw a dinosaur with shapes.

Now have a try at some of these Dinosaur themed activities at home.

Today's learning challenge - Thursday 14th May

Are you sitting comfortably?

Get ready to listen to the story about halving!

Give Me Half! by Stuart J. Murphy

Listen to this story to understand more about half!














Can you colour half of these shapes

If you cannot print off the sheets why don't you try and draw around some shapes and colour in half.

Happy Halving!

Today's learning challenge - Wednesday 13th May 

We are learning about CAPITAL LETTERS

and lower case letters!


Let's start by singing an alphabet song!

Abc Song

Join in with this alphabet song!

Match the capital letters on the dinosaur to the correct lower case letters. You might even want to colour them in too!

Can you try the following activities.

If you cannot print them off, do not worry there is another game for everyone to join in below!


Can you cut out the capital letter pigs and match them to the correct lower case letter on the mud.

Ask an adult to write the capital letters on different pieces of paper.

Can they hide them around your house or garden?

Go and find all the capital letters, you could put them in order, remember the song to help you.

Can you match and write all of the lower case letters on the pieces of paper.

Happy Hunting and Matching!

Today's learning challenge - Tuesday 12th May

'Fun with Fossils'

We are going to be learning about dinosaur fossils.

Get ready to get messy and make your own dinosaur fossils!

Let's begin by warming our bodies up and singing a song with Jack!

Workout to the Letter Sounds!

Workout to the letter sounds with Jack Hartmann. Recognise sounds and the alphabet too!

Watch the CBeebies clip about Dinosaurs.

Watch and listen carefully because you are going to make your own fossils!

Now it's time to discover how to make your own fossil.

You will need:

salt, flour, coffee and cold water

Use the instruction sheet below or watch the video clip.  Make sure you get messy and have fun!

How to make a fossil