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Week 7 18.05.20

Friday 22nd May 2020


Friday is here once again which means its time for a new spelling list, so here it is!

Friday 21st May 

Happy Friday everyone! We hope you are all looking forward to your half term break away from the home learning challenges!

Look out on the Messages from Mrs Ward and Mrs Whiston stars later this afternoon for a little video message from each of us. We are missing you lots. 


Here's a flashback 4 to start today: 



Thursday 21st May 2020

Egg Shaped

Use the story starter below to help you write a story about what you see in the picture. Remember to use a variety of sentence structures and think how you can use your words to excite and engage the reader.

Story Starter:

The girls huddled together and peered cautiously out of their bedroom window. They had been awoken, just moments earlier, by a strange light that burst through their curtains, filling the room with a silvery hue.

As one, they had tip-toed towards the source of the distraction, carefully dragging chairs across the room with them so that they could take a peek together.

They stared in awe and wonder at the sight that met their eyes. Something magical was happening...

Now choose two of the following tasks to complete.

Wednesday 20th May 2020


For thousands of years, different civilisations have sought to understand the world around them, creating stories that explained anything they did not understand.


These stories are known as myths.


The documents below are some examples of myths which have been written to try to explain things such as the formation of star constellations, phases of the moon, the creation of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon etc.


Your task today is to read the myths below and then use them for inspiration for writing your own myth. Your myth needs to ‘explain’ something linked to space, for example,

  • Rising and setting of the sun
  • The creation of the earth
  • The changing shape of the moon

    I am sure you have plenty of ideas of your own.


Get writing!

Tuesday 19th May


Good morning everybody! Another day and some more maths challenges today.


Warm up with some adding and subtracting of fractions. Choose Bronze, Silver or Gold:



Investigating numbers

Monday 18th May 2020

Happy Monday everybody! This week we are going to start with a quiz to test how much we have learned about space and space travel over the last few weeks. Good luck!

Monday 18th May 2020

 DT Challenge

Design an Eggnaut

One thing that it is important to consider when embarking on any form of space travel, is how you are going to get safely back to earth. Incorporated within any space vehicle there needs to be an escape pod of some description that will allow the astronauts to exit their space transporter and descend safely back to earth.


Your challenge today is to design, make and test an Eggnaut.


Your Eggnaut will need to be dropped from a height and provide protection for your astronaut egg. You may use any materials you can find in your home and create any type of structure that you think will protect your egg from destruction.


(No cheating… your egg cannot be boiled to make it stronger!)