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Week 7 18.05.2020

Today's learning challenge - Friday 22nd May

We would like you to imagine that you are the fish who could wish.

What would you wish for...?


While you are thinking let's warm up with a counting song.


Count to 20 and Workout!

Jack Hartmann's Count to 20 and Workout will have you counting to 20 as you engage your body and brain and workout.

Now have you thought what you might wish for?

We would like you to draw 3 pictures of 3 things you would like to wish.



You can use the sheet below to help you!

Make 3 wishes!

Miss Attwood, Mrs Greensill and Mrs Middleton want to say a big thank you to you all, for all of your hard work.  We have really enjoyed looking at your photos, videos and reading your e-mails.  All of your efforts have really cheered us up, whilst we haven't been in school.

Well done to all of you!


We want to say have a very happy half term and we hope that the sun keeps shining.  There will not be any home learning challenges over half term as you deserve a big rest.




Today's learning challenge - Thursday 21st May

We would like you to listen to a story about a special fish.

Have you got your favourite cuddly toy to snuggle up to?

Then we shall begin...


The fish who could wish

The fish who could wish by John Bush and Korky Paul

Did you hear any rhyming words in our story?

Have a try at our rhyming activity below.

Have a go at drawing your very own cartoon fish!

Watch the video and follow the instructions carefully.

Take a photograph and send us some of your masterpieces.

Have Fun!

How To Draw A Cartoon Fish (for young artists)

Learn how to draw a cartoon fish! .

Today's learning challenge - Wednesday 20th May

Do you know a little fish from the ocean really needs your help today!

Do you think you can help him?


Let's start by singing a song!

Under the Sea!

Andy goes on an adventure to find the biggest fish in the ocean. Join him as he meets an octopus, a white tipped shark and many more!


Here is our special letter!


My name is Finley Fish. Please read this letter to help me!

Now it's time to help Finley Fish with his capacity problem?


Finley FIsh - Capacity Problem!

Today's learning challenge - Tuesday 19th May

We are going to carry on with our 'Underwater' theme.


Let's get started by singing a song!

Sinking and Floating

Sing along as Maddie finds out what floating and sinking is all about!

We are going to be investing 'Floating' and 'Sinking'

First we will need to collect some everyday objects.  Can you collect all or some of these items;

marble, full bottle of water, stick, spoon, straw, apple, feather, paper, paper clip, potato, scissors



Now, fill a bowl with water.

Experiment to see which items 'float' and which items 'sink'





You could record your work by putting 



you could sort the objects into two groups and take a photograph


you could complete the cutting and sticking sheet below.

Now try the cutting and sticking activity