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Week 7 18.5.20

A big hello

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Today is the day that your projcts are due in.  Mrs Cranwell and I can't wait to get reading them.

Monday 18th May - Friday 22nd May


This week will be research project week. You will have Flashback maths daily but the project is set for the week. 

We expect you to email the project to us on Friday once it is all complete.

We would still like you to email us daily with Flashbacks and to tell us you are safe and well.

We would like you to choose a subject that interests you and produce an information presentation for us. You can present this in any way you choose.  It could be a power-point, a video of yourself presenting it, a word document or even a big poster that you email to us or send a photograph of the poster.

This project will be the homework for the whole week, so don't rush it! 


It can be about anything! Here are some ideas:


Mrs Cranwell loves giraffes.  How tall are they? what do they eat? Can they run?

Emily Cranwell loves chocolate-where does it come from? How is it made? What is a coco bean?


Mr Cranwell likes sports cars-how fast do they go? How much are they? How long do they take to make?

Jamie Cranwell loves sport and would research the history of sport and sporting events like

The Olympics.

Your presentation must include:

An introduction about why you chose the subject.

A fact file of 10 facts.

A did you know unusual fact.

A picture/map/diagram that supports the work.

It must be interesting and full of super information.

Make Mrs Penn and Mrs Cranwell say, "Wow, you have taught me so much!"


Happy Friday everybody. 

Your Flashback Favourites are here again.  Look every day under the project for your daily Flashback challenge.





TT Rockstars

And we're off to a good start.  Can you keep it up?  Battle ends next Monday at 8pm. Get battling, you can't let your guard down your class mates depend on you!

This is who is battling. Can you help them out?