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Week 7 18.5.20

Thank you for all your emails, photos and videos this half term.

You have all worked really hard and we are proud of you all.

There will be no home learning next week as it is half term.

Mrs Aish, Mrs Clinton and Mrs Pearce


Friday 22nd May


Fun Friday

Go on a rainbow scavenger hunt and find things that are all the colours of the rainbow.


Practise your counting by sing the 'Ten Little Fishes' song.


Get some exercise by dancing with Boogie Beebies.




10 Little Fishies

CBeebies: Boogie Beebies - Pirate

Thursday 21st May


Learn all about 2D shapes. Watch Jack Hartmann's video about 2D shapes. Can the children name common 2D flat shapes like circle, square, triangle and rectangle? 


Draw a picture of a house using circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. What shape is best for a window? A door? The roof?


What 2D shapes can you find around your home?


Have a go at some of the 2D shape home learning challenges.

Shapes for Kids | 2D Shapes | Shapes Song | Shape Up| Jack Hartmann

Wednesday 20th May


Learn all about the number 4. Watch 'The Numberblocks Four' episode. Practise writing the numeral 4 by thinking about Freddie Four in his boat.


Get a pile of smallish objects. You could use lego, buttons, pencils, coins, sweets etc. Put a pile of the objects in front of the child. Ask them to look and use their subitising skills to estimate (not count) if there are less than four, more than four or exactly four objects in the pile. Then count the objects to see if they were correct. Repeat with a different amount of objects.


You could practise your quick flash number recognition by watching Mrs Aish's video. emember to say the number and not the TenTown character.


Practise your subitising with Jack Hartmann.

Numberblocks - Four - Full Episode

Four is the new block on the block and he can't wait to share how much he loves to be square!

Subitize Up To 5 (soo-bi-tize) Math Song for Kids with Jack Hartmann

Tuesday 19th May


Watch Mr Thorne and Geraldine and learn all about 'p'.


Practise writing 'p' correctly. (Down the pirates plait, back up and round his face)


What objects can you find around your home that begin with 'p'?


Get an assortment of objects that begin with 's', 'a', 't' or 'p'. Sort the objects into four groups by their initial sounds. 

Geraldine the Giraffe learns p

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode P

Monday 18th May


Rhyme of the week is the 'Pirate Ship Counting Song'.


Practise learning the song and doing the actions. Then have some fun learning to be a pirate for the day! You could dress up like a pirate if you choose to. I'd love to see your pirate photos!


Make a telescope to help you look out for other pirates. Play 'Pirate I Spy' and draw a treasure map to help you find the missing treasure.


What words can you think of that rhyme in the Pirate Ship Counting Song?