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Well being and PSHE information

Dear Parents,

During this rather unusual time it is important that you take good care of emotional well being. I understand that this is a difficult time for you. If I had said a few weeks ago, that you would be working from home, staying in the house and transforming yourself into your child's teacher, then I imagine you would have considered I was going crazy! 

You are brilliant. You are doing a brilliant job. Your child's teacher is loving hearing from you and the positive vibe we can feel is wonderful.

If during this time we can help you in any way please ring the office or email your child's teacher. We are here for you! It is important that you look after your own and the children's well being. It is normal to have worries. 

There is great advice out there to promote well being. In school we call it PSHE. Physical, Social, Health and Emotional well being.


BBC Bitesize has video clips and lessons for a whole range of issues (other than CV as normal life is happening too) 


The government have advice too. This link will take you to the latest well being advice:


Whilst we can't be physically there with you, our Castlechurch family is in all of our thoughts.

Best Wishes, 

Mrs Cranwell

Remember home schooling is tricky-Anything you do is brilliant. You are doing a brilliant job!

Mrs Cranwell's top tips

A tool kit for parents to help support their children during this time.

This resource has super ideas to talk to your child about should they be feeling a little sad. Click on the web link.

Young minds-remember its good to talk.