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Hello Year 5! What an unusual way to start the summer term!

We hope that you are all keeping well and keeping busy.

We know it will probably be a little while longer before we are all back in school, so we have some excellent extra resources to keep you learning while you are at home - simply go on to the websites and have a look to see what you would like to do each day, and then let us know what you have been learning! 


BBC Bitesize


Oak National Academy

Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning our Fantastic 5s! Yesterday, both Mrs Ward and Mrs Whiston enjoyed reading your space travel stories. We were proud to see all of you using your learning from class and including a variety of sentence structures in your writing. Keep up the amazing work.


Friday is usually our spelling test day, so we would like you to find an adult (or older brother/sister) to test you today then send us your scores. 


Here are your new spellings for the coming week. 


Remember to challenge yourself. As well as learning to spell them, you could find the definitions of each word or create sentences using them. 



Fire up your brains with our Flashback four (Don't forget the clock in the corner too)


Thursday 26th March : Salvation


Good morning our fabulous fives! Mrs Ward here...I enjoyed my day at school yesterday (I wish we could all have been there), luckily the weather meant we could get outside! I hope you are all enjoying the fantastic weather we are having. Today we thought we'd go down a sci-fi route with our task: 

You will need to continue the story following on from the story starter and complete two further activities from the page. The tasks can be done in any order - you may find the other tasks help you with writing the story.

Bonus credit and merits go to anyone who can complete our extra challenge: create your own alien or alien spaceship... use lego, food boxes, playdough, cushions...let your imagination run free!

And if any year 5 parents have twitter, please share your creations and tag the Castlechurch twitter in your tweet.


Here's a little maths arithmetic to complete:


Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello to you all! What superstars you have been sharing your learning at home with us over the past couple of days! We have enjoyed receiving each and every one of your emails.

MESSAGE FROM MRS WARD: It's my turn to be in school today with the key worker's children so I may not be able to reply to your emails as quickly today but I will get back to you eventually if you send me a message! Take care. 

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Ancient Greek Houses


Create a fact sheet about Ancient Greek homes.

You will probably want to conduct some research on the internet to help you find information about what houses were like in Ancient Greece.  

You might want to make comparisons between the homes of the rich and poor.

Use the information you discover to create a fact sheet.

You can choose how you want to present the information on your fact sheet.

Ancient Greek Homes

School project description of ancient Greek Homes

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Being at home is a great opportunity to share stories with your family. At 11 o’clock every morning you can access a free audio book, read by David Walliams himself. I know Mrs Ward and I will be listening each day. Will you be joining us?


 Log on to the World of David Walliams website each morning at 11am for a new story.

Tuesday 24th March


Wow! We were so impressed with all the work we saw from you yesterday! Your emails really brightened up our day. If you haven't sent us an email yet, it's not too late, we would love to see or hear what you did yesterday. 


Maths challenge

Here's todays flashback four to get your brains fired up:


Your task:

Ideal house: Floor plan

        Unfortunately, we’re going to need to be spending a lot more time in our homes for the next few weeks. But what if you could design your own home?!

  • Plan your ideal house: you can include any type of room you want!
  • Draw a floor plan as accurately as possible on some paper.
  • Think about:
  • what rooms you want to include (gym, cinema room, games room, office, indoor swimming pool, etc.)
  • the number of floors
  • which rooms go next to each other
  • the size of each room.

Extension challenge:

  • Think about what size you want each room to be.  
  • Can you work out the perimeter of each room?(To do this you add up the lengths of each side.)
  • Can you work out the area of each room? (Remember, this is easy if your rooms are squares or rectangles: you multiply the length by the width.)

We can't wait to hear about your ideal homes!


How to Draw a Dog - Animated Drawing Tutorial | Drawing Tips for Kids

Practice your drawing skills with this tutorial of how to draw a dog. We would love to see your efforts!

The Journey to School: Monday's English Task to complete

Monday 23rd March 2020

Mrs Ward and Mrs Whiston are looking forward to seeing your fantastic writing or hearing from your parents how hard you have worked.

(Remember our learning from class and think about how you can use a variety of sentence types in your writing.)

Monday 23rd March: New Spellings

Our spellings this week are verbs which have been created by adding the suffix '-ise' to nouns or adjectives:











Do you know what each of these words mean? Can you use a dictionary to find their definitions?

What do you think the root words are - did they have to be changed before the '-ise' was added?





Don't forget to keep practicing your multiplication and division facts.

Challenge Mrs Ward or Mrs Whiston to a battle...if you think you can beat us! 


Head over to  to get going.